Ella train

11 nights / 12 days

Negombo – Anuradhapura – Sigiriya – Minneriya – Polonnaruwa – Kandy – Nuwara Eliya – Horton Plains – Ella – Lipton Seat – Yala – Hikkaduwa


Day 1
Start from Negombo 8 am. Going to Anuradhapura that belongs to the cultural triangle and has a city of rich historical ancestors that you visit. The holy tree Sri Maha Bodhi is found in Anuradhapura and is the world’s oldest tree planted 288 BC. Stay one night.

Day 2
The driver will take you to Sigiriya / Dambulla which takes about 2 hours depending on traffic.

In the afternoon you will go on Elephant Safari in Minneriya or Eko National Park depending on where the Elephants are. Stay 3 nights in Sigiriya / Dambulla

Day 3
Sigiriya Lejonklippan
After breakfast you will visit Sigiriya and possibly climb the Lion Rock. It belongs to the cultural triangle, once the capital of northern Sri Lanka. Walk 1202 steps up to the 380 m high cliff where the then King Kashyapa made a palace on the top. On the way up you will meet the Lion Gate, paintings, moats and gardens.

Village Tour oxcart
In the afternoon you will visit Hiriwadunna Village Tour. Nice little trip starting on oxcart, then a little boat trip and a visit to locals who show how to cook some traditional food.

Day 4
Visits Polonnaruwa which takes about 1-1.5 hours to drive to. There you will visit a part of the cultural triangle that has a great history and a lot of ruins to behold. Many choose to cycle around to the different monuments or you will go with the driver.

Day 5
On to Kandy which is Sri Lanka’s second largest city and is 500 meters above sea level. På vägen börjar ni med att besöka Dambulla Cave Temple (Golden Temple) it is from the 1st century BC. There is a 14 meter long Buddha that was sculpted directly from the mountain. The walls are covered with paintings showing different reincarnations.
Dambulla temple

On the way you visit spice gardens and get a guided tour. Visit hindu temple in Matale. Takes about 4-5 hours depending on how many stops you make along the way.

Kandy Dance
At 5 pm you go to Kandy Dance, which is Sri Lanka’s traditional dance. They adorn themselves in masks and nice costume and walk on glowing charcoal. Staying two nights in Kandy.

Day 6
tTooth temple Kandy
After breakfast about 9 am, visit the famous tooth temple (Sri Dalada Maligawa), which is a world heritage site, and it is said that Buddha’s tooth is there. In the afternoon you can visit the botanical gardens or you can explore Kandy town on your own.

Day 7
Further to Ella. You will drive up the mountains through beautiful scenery of tea plantation and stay at the tea factory and get a guided tour. You will drive through Nuwara Eliya which is an old English colony. Visit a bazaar where you can buy winter clothes for a good price. Visit Grand Hotel which is an old colonial hotel for a snack or lunch. Then you must visit Grand Hotel, which is an old colonial hotel, for lunch or a cup of tea. Stay one night in Nuwara Eliya.
Tea plantation

Day 8
Horton Plains
Early morning at 6 am you go to Horton Plains, also called World’s End. It is 2100 meters above sea level. The walk is about 9 km and takes about 3 hours. The wildlife is birds, deer, bear, monkeys etc. It is said that there is leopard! This is an important bird area that was designated a national park in 1988. If the weather is clear, it is a fabulous hiking to behold!

Ella train
After the walk, the driver will take you to Nanu Oya Train Station if you want to take the train up to Ella last 2-2.5 hours. Great trip with nature and views. The driver meets you at the station in Ella. You can also choose to go with the driver.

Coming to Ella which is 1041 meters above sea level. Stay two nights in Ella.

Day 9
Lipton Seat Haputale
Driving 25 km to Lipton seat located in Haputale. The road is great with beautiful views and scenery, the driver park down at the Lipton Tea Factory. You can choose to walk 7 km through beautiful tea plantation to see and experience how the locals work. If you do not want to walk up, you can take a tuk tuk (tricycle). You can decide when you get there! The top, if it’s clear and nice weather, offers a 360 degree panoramic view of Sri Lanka.

Mini Adams Peak
In the afternoon you can walk up to Mini Adams Peak, which has a great view, to watch the sunset. It takes about 30-40 minutes to walk up to Mini Adams Peak.

Day 10
Nine Arches Bridge
After breakfast, visit the Nine Arch Bridge, also known as the Bridge in the Sky, which is an old colonial railroad construction. Further to Yala National Park.

Buduruwagala rock carvings
On the way you will stay at Rawana waterfall, then you will stop at Buduruwagala where there are ancient rock carvings in the mountains. Stay one night in Tissamaharama about 45 min from Yala National Park. Travel time about 3 hours. Stay two nights.

Day 11
Yala Safari Leopard
At 5 am a Jeep will pick you up at the hotel to take you to the park that opens at 6 am. You get your own Jeep with comfortable seats, a roof and open on the sides. The hotel arrange breakfast packages. What can you see in Yala? Elephants, buffalo, monkeys, leopard, bear, birds, crocodiles, etc.

In the afternoon you can go to Kataragama where people from different religions meet. They donate gifts and heal themselves bathing in the river.

Day 12
Then on to the south end destination / Hikkaduwa. You will take the beautiful coastal road and see different beaches and fishermen who sit on poles. Travel time about 4 hours.