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The staff

Our names are Ali and Lillan Celander and our goal is to offer you a unique holiday experience here in Sri Lanka. We have many years of experience guiding for large travel companies but are now managing our own guide and hotel operations.

Ali was born in Sri Lanka and speak the local languages ​​and fluent Swedish. Lillan is from Sweden but has spent much of her time in Sri Lanka. We live in Gothenburg in Sweden but find ourselves in Sri Lanka from November to the end of May. However, you can reach us by phone or mail all year round and we are happy to answer all your questions. Our staff will help to take care of Sophie House and ensure that you have a pleasant holiday.

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We are very happy for all the wonderful people we have met daily in our work and grateful for the great support we received in social media.

As a pleasant surprise , we have now also been chosen as the winner of Travelers' Choice 2016 on TripAdvisor.